On February 16, 2020, Monnie Pickett-Berks passed away after a long and hard fought battle with cancer.  We are planning several Celebrations of Life in her honor, all in different locations to best accommodate her many friends and family.  Currently the exact times and locations are yet to be determined, but please check back here for up to date information.

Due to the spread of the Corona virus and the suggestions that we delay any social gatherings, it is probably wise that we wait to host the various events.

At this point, we are planning to host a dinner party at her home in Paso Robles as she loved hosting parties.  Next, we would like to host a dance in Long Beach for her many friends and family located in Southern California.  And, finally, we would like to have a family barbecue to be held in Connecticut where those on the East Coast can have a chance to get together and enjoy their memories of her.